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  Our Network  
  AT&T, Qwest, XO, Cogent, Verizon

Think411 spares no expense to deliver to you a performance based network. Via a BGP from LightEdge Solutions, we're able to get routes from at&t, Qwest, XO, Cogent and Verizon Business (formerly UUNet/MCI). To ensure maximum redundancy, various providers are pulled in from multiple cities so that if one link were to fail, there would be a failover. Additionally, LightEdge Solutions enters the building from two diverse areas of the building, ensuring that there is no single-point of failure.

The network is monitored at two locations - one from our providers NOC in Des Moines, IA and also from the Think411 NOC to ensure 24/7 availability.

The network has capacity of 200 Gb/s and is designed to expand as needed. Once the network has reached 75% utilization, additional bandwidth is ordered to ensure network stability.




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"I am so happy I switched my hosting to Think411, the difference in uptime and speed is so huge that even my customers have noticed my site runs much faster!"

James Olds

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